The Home of Golf

Relax at the Home of Golf

The town of St. Andrews is synonymous with the game of Golf and is regarded globally as the spiritual home of the sport.  Avid golfers from around the world are irresistibly drawn to soak up the historical lore while sampling the unparalleled selection of top-tier golf courses available, right here on our doorstep.  Of these, the world-class Old Course, located just a mile from our properties, has hosted The Open Championship 29 times since 1873.

The Kingdom of Fife is home to 50 golf courses, many of which are used as championship courses and qualifier courses for the Open.  The map below shows a selection of the more famous ones nearby but there are many more.  You can find the full list here.

Whether you’re a keen golfer looking to take on one of the seven courses on the Links, or simply take an interest in history, St Andrews is the place to be – and we’d love to play host.


The oldest and most iconic golf course in the world, known as ‘The Home of Golf’, first hosted the sport circa 600 years ago in the early 15th Century. Golf became increasingly popular in Scotland until James II of Scotland banned the sport in 1457 because he felt that young men were spending too much time golfing instead of practicing their archery. The ban was removed in 1502 by James IV, and in 1552 Archbishop John Hamilton gave the townspeople of St Andrews the right to play on the links, a right that still exists today.

The influence that St Andrews Links has had on modern golf can’t be understated. The original Society of St Andrews Golfers is the precursor to the Royal and Ancient, today’s governing body for golf across the world (except the USA and Mexico). Until 1764, the Old Course had 22 holes. The Club Captain at the time, William St Clair of Rosslyn, decided that the first and last four holes were too short and should be combined into four total holes (two in and two out). This is how the standard of 18 holes was created.

For those interested in playing the famous Old Course, you can enter the ballot, which is drawn every day except Friday, here. Alternatively, you may enter in person by visiting The Old Pavilion or one of the St Andrews Links Clubhouses. Do note, however, that to enter the ballot there must be at least two golfers and all names, Home Clubs and handicaps will be required. Individual golfers can also visit the Starter’s Hut and be paired with an outgoing 2 or 3-ball.